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Employment Law/Contracts

Between an employer and potential employee.  Sometimes are signed after employment has begun.  Duties, responsibilities and expectations of employer and employee should be clear to both parties.  The contract should include the terms of employment, pay, benefits, and what happens when someone quits or is terminated.

Non-Compete Agreements

This type of agreement controls how, where, when and whether a former employee can compete against you or your company after his or her employment is over.  For the employee, you will want to consider carefully whether the benefits of employment with this company are worth what you will be giving up afterward.

Non-Interference Agreements

This type of agreement controls whether and when an employee or independent contractor can solicit business from or become employed by your customers when his or her employment is over.  An important consideration when writing this type of agreement is to make clear who is a "customer" or "prospective customer" for purposes of the agreement.  Also important is the restriction on performing the same services for the customer "in-house" as he or she did while employed by or sub-contracting for your business.  Another form of interference to be guarded against is the "hiring away" of current key employees by former employees and/or independent contractors.  All of these forms of business interference can cause substantial damage to profits and productivity of your company.

Confidentiality/Trade Secret Agreements

This type of agreement can protect your company from current, prospective or former employees, sub-contractors and participants or prospective participants in an anticipated joint ventures from releasing confidential, proprietary or trade secret information.  Your company can be damaged substantially if customer lists, processes, drawings, formulas, new products and other information that you or your company have developed gets into the hands of a competitor or is misused for someone's personal gain.

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