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We represent a number of companies and individuals on a number of matters that do not involve litigation. A good example of these types of matters are:

We assisted two local managers in buying the small St. Louis division of a huge conglomerate out of the bankruptcy proceeding for the conglomerate. Our efforts resulted in preserving a number of area jobs and a thriving business in St. Louis.

We assisted a doctor who was employed by a corporation, in the purchase of the on-going business from his former employer, allowing him to continue the business and serve his patients.

We assisted a small business in the revision of their employee handbook, we also helped the company develop standard contracts and implement policies pertaining to both their employees and their independent contractors.

We assisted an out of town minority partner in the negotiation of sale of his minority interest to the company.

We assisted medical professionals in the formation of their new business, helping them choose the proper entity and in their start-up.

We assisted a number of partnerships in the formation, helping them select the proper forum, and put the correct agreements in place to avoid further partner disputes.

We have assisted a number of small businesses in putting a succession plan into place, so that the business can continue after the death or disability of an owner/ partner.

We have drafted and enforced non-compete agreements, preventing the taking of intellectual property, customers and employees of companies after the departure of key employees.

We recently assisted a business in enforcing its mandatory arbitration provisions included in a contract with a former employee, requiring the employee to arbitrate the dispute rather litigate it in an unfavorable forum far from the company's location.

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Recent Cases Resolved
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